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Prairie du Chien City Hall is located at 214 East Blackhawk Avenue in historic downtown Prairie du Chien (population 5,911). City government policy is managed by the Mayor, twelve elected Aldermen (see chart below), and a City Administrator. City offices operate in conjunction with the governing body to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly. The city provides water, sanitation, and recycling services.

The Prairie du Chien Police Department has full-time and part-time officers trained and organized to serve and protect the community. The city maintains a state of the art enhanced 911 communication center to handle police, fire and emergency calls.

Firefighting and emergency services are managed by the Prairie du Chien Fire Department, with a Fire Rating of three. It consists of the Fire Chief and 33 skilled volunteers. The department is well-equipped and prepared to handle a variety of emergency situations. It has the latest fire-fighting equipment and operates in conjunction with the Town of Prairie du Chien and Bridgeport Fire Departments for optimum protection of the community and its residents.

Prairie du Chien Memorial Library is located at 125 S. Wacouta Ave in Prairie du Chien. Their phone number is 608-326-6211.

Prairie du Chien Parks & Recreation Department – Phone number is 608-326-7207.


Dave Hemmer, Mayor