Common Council

The Common Council meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. If the regularly-scheduled meeting of the Council falls on an election day, the meeting must be moved to the following week, according to City Ordinance. The Council meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall. The meetings are also televised on Channel 6.

1st Aldermanic District

Ron Leys

Ron Leys (Term expires: April 2018)

Residence: 1702 East Parrish Street
Phone: 326-0862 (Home)
Years of Service: Selected in July 2012 to fill a vacancy by the Council
Committees/Commissions: Finance
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 2011
Birthplace: Sheboygan, WI
Family: Wife – Marilyn; 2 children – Jon, Anthony
Occupation: Retired
Education: Sheboygan North High School; UW-Madison
Affiliations: Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Board, Mississippi River Regional Plan Commission, Crawford County Economic Development Board
Hobbies: Fishing, woodworking

2nd Aldermanic District

Mike “Stubby” Jones

Mike “Stubby” Jones (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 1108 South 5th Street
Phone: 326-5106 (Home), 608-412-3881 (Cell)
Email: None
Years of Service: First elected in 2011
Committees/Commissions: Public Works
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 1959

Birthplace: Madison, WI
Family: Married with three sons
Occupation: Wisconsin Department of Corrections
Other Offices Held:
Hobbies: Woodworking, hunting, fishing, running, racquetball

3rd Aldermanic District

Todd Crotty
Todd Crotty (Term expires: April 2018)
Residence: 328 South Beaumont Rd. Prairie du Chien, WI, 53821
Phone: 608-412-5855
Years of Service: Appointed by the Council in January 2016
Committees/Commissions: Public Works
Lived in Prairie du Chien: 3 years
Family: In a relationship. Children: six, ranging from ages newborn to 18 years
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Broadcast Professional
Education: Bachelors Professional Journalism, University of Minnesota
Hobbies: Gardening, Music

4th Aldermanic District

Karen Solomon

Karen Solomon (Term expires: April 2018)

Residence: 515 North Michigan St.
Phone: 306-6003 (Cell)
Years of Service: First elected in 2008
Committees/Commissions: Personnel, License and Insurance (Chairperson), Finance
Birthplace: Prairie du Chien
Family: Son – Peter; Parents – Walt & Eileen Hermsen, Sister – Kate Hermsen
Occupation: Payroll and Benefits Specialist – Prairie du Chien Correctional Institution
Education: Prairie du Chien High School; BS – Criminal Justice, UW-Platteville
Affiliations: Wisconsin Corrections Association
Offices Held:
Hobbies: Reading, bike riding, my dogs

5th Aldermanic District

Yet to be Named

6th Aldermanic District

Todd Myers

Todd Myers (Term expires: April 2018)

Residence: 1107 East Iowa Street
Phone: 608-306-4704
Years of Service: Appointed by the Council in October 2013 to replace Judeen Ames
Committees/Commissions:Public Works (Chairman)
Lived in Prairie du Chien: One (1) year
Birthplace: Milwaukee
Family: Wife (Susie), Daughter (Karli)
Occupation: State Superintendent for the Crawford County Highway Department
Education: WWTC – La Crosse
Other Offices Held:
Hobbies: Boating, snowmobiling, skiing

At Large (City Wide)

Nate Gilberts

Nate Gilberts (Term expires: April 2017)

Residence: 1304 South 3rd Street
Phone: 326-4949 (Home)
Years of Service: Served on Common Council (2006-2008)
Committees/Commissions: Finance (Chairperson), Personnel
Lived in Prairie du Chien: since 1980
Birthplace: Prairie du Chien
Family: Wife – Holly
Education: Prairie du Chien High School, graduated from WWTC in LaCrosse
Occupation: Sales and Drafting, DH Satellite/Solar
Affiliations: Holy Family Catholic Parish, Scream Xtreme, Carp Drop Committee
Other Offices Held: President, Scream Xtreme
Hobbies: Boating, golfing, fishing, hunting, bicycling, model railroading, Wisconsin sports, building haunted houses.
Edward Hayes-Hall

Edward Hayes-Hall (Term expires: April 2017)

Residence: 601 South Michigan   Phone: 326-0918
Years of Service: Selected by Council to fill vacancy (July 2014)
Committees/Commissions: Finance; Personnel
Lived in Prairie du Chien: Since March 2012
Family: 4 boys (Ages 14 through 26)
Occupation: Executive Architect with IBM Corporation
Background: B.Sc. in Soil Science, Post-Grad in Civil Engineering. UK born, naturalized US citizen in 2001. Lived in Upper Midwest since 1994
Affiliations: MBCS, MIAgrE, OpenGroup Certified IT Specialist, Senior Certified IT Specialist
Other Offices Held: High School Building Committee, Chatfield MN 2005-2007
Hobbies: Miniature figurine painting, Book collecting, Golf, Elkader Opera House Players, Skeet Shooting, Sailing, Cooking and gardening